Changing Masculinity

According to the Barna Research Center, 67% of Christian men feel that masculinity is changing in America, and not for the better.  In a survey, given a choice between threatened vs hopeful and endangered vs. thriving, most Christian men said they felt threatened and endangered.  About half the men age 54 and under, also described a sense of loneliness.

On the other hand, three psychologists working on a project to “build a better man” [“Redefining Masculinity”, American Psychological Association], promote the idea of changing the meaning of masculinity from its current limited definition of tough, aggressive, stoic, and as a result, emotionally stunted, to embrace the full range of human emotions, including sensitivity, and thereby increase men’s emotional intelligence.  Their idea is to retain positive male traits, like bravery and protectiveness, while eliminating destructive behaviors, like violence and isolationism.  

What is your take?

2 thoughts on “Changing Masculinity”

  1. I believe many men are insecure and worry about failing. Men find a lot of their identity in their occupation. This is where they know what to expect and they can “go up the ladder.” Being a husband and meeting the emotional needs of a mans wife and children can be very unnatural for a man. Men relate to other men by talking about our hobbies and our occupations. Discussing feelings, apologizing for mistakes, and giving words of affirmation are very unnatural things for some men. We feel like our actions say everything.

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